Definitions of some technical terms used
EVM – Ethereum Virtual Machine
DB – Database
rdPoS – Random Deterministic Proof of Stake
RLP - Recursive Length Prefix
SDK - Software Development Kit
NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens
RPC - Remote Procedure Call
UTXO - Unspent Transaction Output
Secp256k1 - The elliptic curve used for Bitcoin’s public key cryptography
Token table - A record of the token balances on each subnet, held by SparqNet
Block race condition - A situation where multiple blocks compete for the position of the next block in the chain
Block congestion system - A component that manages the registration of blocks on the blockchain
Random Generator System - A component in charge of making validator selection unpredictable
Master address - The address that adds validators to the network in a centralized implementation
Transpiler - A program that converts source code written in a specific programming language into its equivalent in another language
Constructor - A function that initializes the state variables of a contract
Pointer - An item that shows where data is stored and helps verify it
Sandbox - An isolated testing environment for experimenting with code
Merkle tree - An abstract data type with leaves (nodes) holding cryptographic hashes of data blocks while nodes that aren’t leaves have cryptographic hashes of their child nodes
Partricia tree - A radix trie variant where nodes only store the position of the first bit differentiating sub-trees
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