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How to manipulate the database

In the database implementation, there's a DBPrefix to reference each prefix in a simpler way:
0001 = DBPrefix::blocks
0002 = DBPrefix::blockHeightMaps
0003 = DBPrefix::transactions
0004 = DBPrefix::nativeAccounts
0005 = DBPrefix::erc20Tokens
0006 = DBPrefix::erc721Tokens
0007 = DBPrefix::TxToBlocks
0008 = DBPrefix::validators
There are also three structs, namely:
  • DBServer - struct that contains the host and version of the database that will be connected to.
  • DBEntry - struct that contains an entry to be inserted or read by the database and has only two members: key and value, which are both strings.
  • WriteBatchRequest - struct that contains multiple DBEntrys to be inserted and/or deleted all at once.