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Debugging via log prints

Due to the Subnet's behavior when it is initialized (subnet->start()), printing details in the terminal via std::cout doesn't work as it should. To properly debug the Subnet, you have to use the functions Utils::logToFile() and Utils::LogPrint().
The function Utils::logToFile() logs to the Node's log.txt file and requires only the string that will be logged. The function Utils::LogPrint() logs to the Node's debug.txt file and requires the string that will be logged, the function name (you can use the __func__ macro here) and the module prefix from where the function is being called, that matches an item from the Log namespace (e.g. "Log::Subnet = 'Subnet::'").
// log.txt will say "Logging"
void testFunc() {
Utils::LogPrint(Log::db, __func__, "Debugging");
// debug.txt will say "DBService::testFunc: Debugging"