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Potential Use Cases

A summary of potential applications of SparqNet
SparqNet provides all the essential tools to build a wide range of products for decentralized finance, data storage, gaming, and much more.
Build financial products with security and ease. Leveraging SparqNet's performance network enables a whole new generation of DeFi products such as facilitating millions of trades per second.
Data Storage
SparqNet makes data storage easier, more affordable, and secure. Builders can store backups of whole ledgers or fully decentralize any form of a database natively in the Sparq network.
Gaming projects now have performance infrastructure to build game engines capable of leveraging a pure Blockchain solution with a whole new range of in-game features.
Potential use cases include:
1. Multiplayer games/servers
2. Decentralized exchange
3. Decentralized and hyper available caching for dApps’ databases
4. Decentralized e-mail
5. HR portal
6. VPN
7. Cloud services
8. Video rendering
9. E-commerce
10. Arbitrage bot
11. Blockchain-enabled utilities such as water and power
12. Supply chain and logistics